Work with Cash



WMZ -> Cash USD => 3%



WMZ -> Cash USD => 6%

WMZ -> AlfaCashin USD => 6%


United Arab Emirates:

WMZ -> Cash USD => 5%


- The minimum amount of exchange in both countries is 5000 WMZ

- We make cash collection in the regions, the price from 1000 USD on any amount and is paid separately

- We can give out money in national currency. The rate in Ukraine is looking at PrivatBank, in Russia by Alfa-Bank, in the UAE by the Central Bank


SWIFT | WIRE | Visa или Mastercard


WMZ -> SWIFT/WIRE/Visa or MC => 5%


- The minimum amount of exchange for non-cash is 1000 WMZ

- Money is sent to you in USD. Your account or card must be exclusively in USD. The transfer can be made to any card of the world or current account, including the cards of USD of Ukraine and Russia of any banks. The transfer will be from an individual with a personal note

- In case of an error in the requisites on your part, the commission for search and refund of the payment is 150 USD for any amount additionally


It is forbidden by WM regulations:

- carry out exchange transactions in the address of a person who is not participating in the exchange (to third or unidentified persons)

- to carry out exchange operations without documenting using the WebMoney Transfer system (transaction note format) the description of the transaction subject and its conditions.