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You earn % of our service revenue from each client involved by you
Percentage increases the total amount of your exchange referrals tier
Referral link you receive in your account and log in by WMID on our site. Each partner is assigned a unique referral link
Export courses carried out by reference: http://simplypay.org/ru/custom/export2
For your referral link to our client 's service and issued a request for an exchange (equivalent ) - 100 USD
Return service for this application was USD 4
In the bonus account you will get 10% of our service revenue = 0.4 USD and percentage of your profits from exchange your clients (according to the table see below) will change to 11%
Then you have come to the client application and designed to exchange USD 1,000
Revenue Service (for example) was 40 USD
You get 11% of revenue service on your " Bonus Account" which = 4.4 USD
The maximum percentage of profit = 25% (according to table)
As a result, if your percentage = 25%
You get on each Exchange your first level referrals 25 % of the profits of our service to your " Bonus Account"
Table of calculating the cumulative percentage of the profits of your first level referrals :
Total (USD) Exchange ReferralTier percentage that you get a "bonus account" of the profits from each exchange service and first level referral
100000 and Above25%
















Attention! Since the amount of partnership VOZNAHROZHDENYE calculated from the profit on each service in exchange, and in some areas sharing service fee may be 0% ( no toest Commission ) means services in this exchange has arrived , sootvtetstvenno affiliate voznahrozhdenie count of nothing .
On the second level referrals you receive a fixed sum * :
The total number of completed exchangesAffiliate reward for every exchange
to 100.5 USD
10-500.75 USD
from 501 USD





All benefits are accrued only when the status of the application " done "
The total one-time fee can not exceed USD 50
You have a personal account where you can see your stats exchanges and exchanges came from you customers. As well as a wide range of promotional materials.
* If the revenue service by sharing at least twice the amount of compensation