More information - more opportunities

The principle of anonymity is currently one of the most important aspects of the Internet. In the early days of the WebMoney all participants provided minimal information about yourself. But in dealing with money, even electronic anonymity jeopardizes the security of payments and conduct business. Therefore, the developers have introduced the concept of WebMoney "passport", which will control the user experience. And the more you provide information about yourself, the more your chances

Types of certificates

Today we know more than eleven types of certificates, but a simple "nick" does not need to know all of them and to understand the intricacies.
Below we describe the basic certificates, through which almost every user of WebMoney:
  • Anonymous passport - the easiest certificate with a minimum capacity. Status alias Webmoney participant receives immediately after registration. The information provided is not checked, so the level of confidence in the "name" is very low.
  • Formal certificate user receives after he brought the passport data currently on the site Assessment Centre. The main purpose of this certificate - identify a person for financial transactions.
  • Once the documents are verified, the user is assigned an initial certificate. Such member greatly increased limits on operations with title signs. There are two ways to obtain the initial certificate: automatically upon receipt of funds from the site or in person at the Officers from the center of certification on average for 2-5 WMZ.
  • Personal Passport is the ultimate in system WebMoney. To obtain it you must go through a complete check of the individual and provide paper copies of documents. The cost ranges from 10 to 50 WMZ. The owner of the personal certificate has access to almost all functionality of the system Webmoney.
Thus, the simple user Webmoney for any business on the Internet is enough to get a personal certificate, to sleep and not worry about security payments. Therefore, we recommend not to risk it and get a WM on our site.