Comparative analysis of the banks of the Crimea in the Russian Federation

After the collapse of Ukrainian banks on the peninsula, it is a serious question - what the bank of the Russian Federation to entrust their hard earned money in the Crimea. Let's first define what the main big banks are now working in the Crimea: RNCB, genebanks, the Bank of Russia and Krayinvestbank. In the ARC as there are other Russian banks, but we would not recommend using them because of no interest rates for individuals. 
First, the largest - RNCB. Immediately immediately necessary to stipulate the bank is under the auspices of the Government of the Crimea, and is likely to be the most intensively developed precisely in the Crimea. Ironically, on the mainland of the Russian Federation at the bank just one department - in Moscow. Something tells to the Crimea to Russia, the bank was organized and worked as they say, "for the". Do not see anything wrong in that, among other things. 
Tariff bank for any ordinary customer. All standard, but not free. At the same time a lot of offices and service points. Subsequently likely to be the largest ATM network in the Crimea, so if you are on serviceability in the first place - recommend this bank. 
Bank of Russia - without exaggeration be called "free bank", which is why in the very first line of this bank we will recommend it to everyone who handles large amounts, and especially working with interbank bank transfer. Or simply those who do not want to pay the extra money for the commission. In this bank all free - withdrawals, vnutribanka operations, interbank transactions, plus everything is very convenient online bank. By the way, the bank is on the same paths with Gazprom and Putin respectively. While Putin acting president of Russia, it is believed that the bank will not give offense. On the other hand, the EU sanctions because of the conflict in the east of Ukraine in the first place will beat it over him, that imposes certain risks. In any case, one of the largest bank in Russia, has a serious network on the mainland, but unfortunately, in the Crimea until the little branches and ATMs. Of the minuses is also worth noting that the bank is sufficiently strict policy regarding the opening of a map name, is not open to all, despite the fact that a debit card instead of credit. 
Genebanks and Krayinvestbank - banks that have opened in the Crimea during the Russian branch of one of the first, but unfortunately, none of them are not competitive tariffs and somehow stands out among the other banks. Work with them it makes no sense, unless you particularly liked the service in one of them. 
In any case, to work with payment systems and output Webmoney in Crimea, in particular, fit absolutely any bank. The most important thing in the relationship with the bank - trust. No matter how beautiful nebyli slogans and cheap fares, always analyze the financial success of the bank, not the beautiful wrapper.