Considered whether the financial management of the sale and purchase of title characters Webmoney (e-money)?

In order to give a precise answer to the question of legal affiliation operations with electronic money or title characters Webmoney to financing activities necessary to deal with some definitions and provisions relating to the payment system and legislation.

What is electronic money

Electronic money in payment systems such as Webmoney - this title marks owned by users registered in the system, so is the right to property. The system itself determines the conditions of the exchange Webmoney title signs between their users.
Financial activity involves performing various operations with funds: preparation, translation, payment, purchase, sale, and so on.
When viewed from the legislation of Russia, at the moment there are no exact rules, pointing to the legal affiliation of electronic money. But this is not to say that the actions related to electronic payments and commerce, have no legal regulation. The main problem lies in the positioning of that electronic payment systems represented as issuers.

Legal accessory electronic money

Buying or selling title characters implies perform actions such as settlements, opening bank accounts, buying and selling currencies, money transfers and other activities. Moreover, if the purchase or sale of title characters Webmoney will use the terms: bill payment, electronic money, output Webmoney Ukraine and others, electronic money can be attributed to illegal banking activity that is subject to the article, if not received appropriate resolution. Recall that for banking activities should be necessarily obtain the appropriate license. Otherwise, the law prescribes a penalty the offender.
If you look on the other side to work on the sale or purchase of title characters Webmoney, then the removal of the terms that are widely used in banking, according to the law transactions with electronic money will not be a banking and prosecuted.


To summarize, we can conclude that theoretically buying and selling title characters Webmoney is a financial activity is identical to that carried out by banks and similar organizations. But if you look in practice, there is no strict law defining the legal affiliation of electronic systems, so their work can often be put in a different framework laws. So there is no doubt about the legality of transactions with electronic payment systems and the titular characters and safely use the system Webmoney.