Crowdfunding is now in WebMoney

WebMoney system is known by the presence of many different services that allow you to more actively and fruitfully. However, their number is constantly increasing. An illustrative example - it is only recently launched service to Crowdfunding and we will try to understand what it is, why and how it can work.

What is Crowdfunding?

The word comes from the English "srowd funding» and literally means "tolpovoe funding." The main point in Crowdfunding is that going to a team of people, which is their resources to help specific people or organizations. In particular, it may be funding voluntary organizations, charities, small businesses and others.
Crowdfunding has been known since the First World War, but the large-scale spread of the Internet, this method of interaction between people received a "second wind." Project Organizer publishes on a suitable site or social networking his idea, which speak volunteers. The goal of a project may be different, so depending on the final destination is isolated:
  1. Collective purchase;
  2. Event;
  3. Fundraising;
  4. Actually, Crowdfunding

How it works in the system WebMoney?

The site WebMoney created special directory called "Events", "Products" and "Projects". That's one of them ranked as one project or another. In the project, if necessary, contain the following characteristics: a picture, description, date collection of Finance, the total collection.
Features types of projects:
  1. Group buying - located in the "Goods" and work on the basis of collective purchase of any product at a price lower than the market. Project creator can set the time deadline, that there is a specific time when the project is closed automatically. At the same time, as a rule, money initiator of collective purchases are not removed until until you collect the necessary number of participants, or until there is a required amount of money.
  2. The event - is located in the directory "Events" and is organized with the purpose of selling tickets for various forms of entertainment (master classes, concerts, pleasant recreation, travel). May be exposed to a variety of ticket prices.
  3. Fundraising - is located in the directory "Projects" and can operate indefinitely. There is also no limit donations so it can be made user-friendly amount.
  4. Crowdfunding - is located in the directory "Projects" and act in order to collect the required amount of money to translate ideas into reality or the development of new scientific research. Terms and final amount must be specified. In the event of failure to achieve the required amount of collecting all contributions are transferred in reverse order.
All funds received through this or that project, when all of the conditions can be displayed on the author's purse in WebMoney project and then have used for its intended purpose, including possible to withdraw Webmoney on PrivateBank card