How to protect yourself from online fraud?

In this paper, we consider the situation where you pay for the goods or services through Webmoney. Let us consider in more detail what security tools offers users WebMoney.

Patronage of the transaction

Patronage of the transaction is a good thing and helps in most cases, but the trouble is that not always the Executive or the seller agrees to this condition of the transaction, because it does not guarantee him the money after receiving the Services (or the provision of goods). So if you have at least a certificate of personal and business level of at least 200 or more, you can try to agree to work in this way, in other hands, are unlikely.

Signed to Webmoney

Service contracts Webmoney allows to prescribe the conditions of sale, which guarantees the fulfillment of the obligations between the buyer and seller. Less to draw up a contract, you must be at least a little to be familiar with the legal sphere. Therefore, this type of warranty can offer professional users or large transactions between companies.

Escrow service

This service allows you to enter into agreements with small description of the deal. In case of failure of the deal, you can submit a claim to arbitration WM. The arbitration will pay attention to the agreement that you made with the performer in this service. In contrast to the conclusion of the contract, the service more simple and intuitive to use, suitable for all regular users of the system, does not require special skills and knowledge. Moreover, you can use the service starting with a formal certificate, which means the service is available for all audiences WM.
We should also mention the situation in which the use of the service will be particularly useful. Imagine a situation where you need to introduce some product online. Are you looking for the artist and negotiate with him about the deal. Say you have agreed to guarantee in the form of translation with patronage. You transfer money performer performs work, you give the code - everyone is happy. But a week later the problem starts with the execution of the task performer (say the problem was complex and instantly identify all the bugs after the work was not possible), you contact the developer and ask to finish. But no, the executor will approve - all the task is done, and the money received and spent. You submit a claim to arbitration and try to prove their case. And it is here that you will help service Escrow, if you have pre-registered to an agreement in which a pair of lines indicated that the contractor is required to achieve the performance of paid work, then win the arbitration will have no difficulty.
Pay attention to the type of certificate and the level of your business contractor, any other "status", profiles and reviews can be easily increased and do not represent any guarantees. This actual for any type of deals included top-up webmoney