Transfer money from the Crimea to Ukraine and conversely

Given the special status of Crimea and Ukraine's relationship to it, there are many difficulties in the financial sector. One of them - the transfer of funds from the peninsula to Ukraine and Crimea in Ukraine.
With rich experience with payment systems of Ukraine and the Russian Federation, we can say with certainty that the transfer of large sums do the most convenient and most importantly safely through electronic payment systems.
In doing so, we can help such as payment systems Webmoney, Yandex money, which successfully operate in the territory of Crimea.
What kind of payment system to choose? Let us focus a little more on the selection of the payment system in the realities of the Crimea.

Yandex money

Yandex Money convenient in that account management is very simple. This is a major advantage of the payment system. The minus is that to work with Yandex Money, you will need to pass a one-time authentication (as an option in one of our offices in the Crimea). Identification usually takes no more than 4-5 working days (although the regulations up to 10 working days). Everything after the passage of identification you have opened all the functions, everything is simple and easy. The interface is sharpened for maximum comfort, even the far distant from the Internet client can easily understand how to transfer the money.
Limits: 6 000 000 per month


WebMoney - international payment system, one of the most developed in the CIS countries. Of fine workmanship should be noted that Webmoney - a system for the business organization in the network with the appropriate features and caveats. Ie ordinary user may initially be difficult to master it. While on the other hand, if you have mastered the skills of using this financial tool to organize the business in the network will be very simple.
Limits for formal certificate with full verification: unlimited
Returning to the subject of the transfer of money capital. Making recharge your electronic account in the Crimea, and then output through the exchanger their capital in another country. If you want to move the capital of Ukraine in Crimea, everything is the same, only in a different direction, updating you doing in Ukraine and has already shot through the exchanger occurs in the Crimea. At the same time kept confidential, honest exchange office does not transmit your personal data and the more data about your transfers to a third party.
Moreover, in another country, you can get as the cash in any size and from account to the card or account in any size. No bank limits for residents or non-residents in general you can not relate. The only limitation that may be present - this restriction on the transfer of the payment system, or exchange the item. But there is no longer a matter of choice. With the right mix of partners can easily do that.