Visa QIWI Wallet principles of identification

Since May 2014, changes were made to the Federal Law N 161 "On National Payment System" and similar laws that directly affected anonymous users and the like with simplified identification. According Listed Edit residual limit should be no more than 15 thousand. Rub., While the upper limit of monthly transfers is 40 thousand Rubles.
Thus, it was not profitable to be enrolled in the category of anonymous users. Any questions about the fast and reliable authentication, in particular in the Visa QIWI Wallet, one of the most popular electronic payments in Russia.
Cash out QIWI in Ukraine in our exchange office or in the cash or the card of any bank in Ukraine, including the PrivatBank

The main types of identification

This term should be understood as a process ID, which can be realized either by the full verification scheme or under a simplified. Forms of identification indicate the selected method of recognition, with the main difference between them is in the list of documents.
All Visa QIWI Wallet users depending on the level of the identification or otherwise receive status, each characterized by a different charge capacities. In particular, it is a question of:
  • anonymous - assigned to all new users, and is characterized as the status of having no identification + is the residual payment and limits;
  • Standard - is assigned to users who have undergone a simplified procedure of identification, with no restrictions on payments and transfers, and the residual and monthly limit is 60 thousand. Rubles. and 200 thousand. rub. respectively.
  • maximum - indicates a past identity in full and has a unique limit - residual, with the upper threshold of 600 thousand rub

Simplified identification: the secrets of successful passage

Everyone can choose the most suitable way for him to pass simplified authentication: intramural or remote. The first method is suitable only for the citizens of the Russian Federation, the second - for the people of Ukraine, Belarus and others. Post-Soviet countries. Gain in full-time checking is that need only a passport and name for remote identification will require your full name, passport, TIN (SNILS) mobile number.
Full-time identification is carried out either in the office QIWI or in paragraphs partners. Remote detection takes place via the call center or through its terminal. Also operates the eponymous site of mobile applications that provides the opportunity to spend a simplified identification without a personal visit to the Moscow office.
But there is one "but." According to N 161-FZ, after passing the simplified scheme checks the user's status to "identified" does not change, just increase the possibility of cards Qiwi.

Complete identification

Carried out with a certain distinction for Russian citizens and people from other countries. Russian citizens must provide information such as the basic passport information, confirmation of his Russian citizenship, VAT number, official address, number Visa QIWI Wallet.
Citizens of other countries besides the above information must specify the data of the migration card and order a document that indicates the presence of foreign citizenship or lack thereof.
All collected documents are presented in paragraphs partners QIWI, of CONTACT, or in offices QIWI Bank, if any, at the city residence of an identified user. After checking them, the status changes to "identified".