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Welcome to cooperate governors. We provide a unique opportunity for you to become a boss of a branch exchange office, which will operate on the basis of SimplyPay.org
  • The branch can be opened in any country and in any region
  • You own and have complete control of operations including setting fees and rates for your region
  • Direct contacts for your region - your phone, mail and other communications options needed to be published on the site, and added to the showcase
  • Profit 90/10. 90% - your 10% - ours.
  • You immediately enter the market of exchanges with all the guarantees on behalf of the Registrar with business levels over 900. The level of pay, which will be immediately visible to your customers - 100 000 WMZ (in more detail - https://news.wmtransfer.com/blog/webmoney_teper_pozvolyaet_opredelyat_uroven_platezhesposobnosti )
  • Organisation of cash to withdraw funds from a payment system under your requests in a central office under loyalist rate without commissions
  • Advice on business and any assistance in all matters by the management company SimplyPay.org


  • Start-up capital of not less than $ 2000
  • Guarantee fee - $ 5000. Guarantee fee - is a guarantee of performance of obligations to customers. Security Deposit will be refunded in full, if you decide to stop working
  • Premise
If you decide to become our business partner, please send it to us by email marked "I want to become a boss in a certain region"