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A very common mistake when filling out the application. Please note the following:
  • after the first registration in Webmoney system has not passed 7 days
  • You must be at least a formal certificate, it can be obtained automatically within 5 minutes on the site WebMoney - http://passport.webmoney.ru/asp/faq2.asp?q=7
  • the data that you entered on the page, creating a request on our site are not the same that you are registered to WMID
  • you make a mistake in one of the fields for filling applications, for example in the field of date of issuance, the date of issue point format to 04/01/2000 and not in any other
  • phone number must be specified in the international format, for instance +380952437099
Any data can be corrected in your account on our website: http://simplypay.org/ru/profile-main (if access is denied, WMID'om log on our website - the upper right corner, the button Login)
If none of the cases does not apply to your problem, do not hesitate to call the operator, in any case we will try to solve your problem individually.