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всё круто - меняем и меняем
  1. On our site SimplyPay.org upper right corner button Enter (https://simplypay.org/images/1.png) - click on the button, are authorized WMID (if you instead of pressing Enter, my button is displayed - so you need to drop down list select Exit by clicking on the button you exit from your account, then re-click on Login and login) 
  2. https://simplypay.org/ru/profile-main - press - Change (https://simplypay.org/images/2.png), fill out all the fields in the language that is used in your certificate - it must be either Russian, or Ukrainian. In any case you should not be mixed option when half of the data filled in Russian, the other half in Ukrainian. After filling in the data save 
  3. https://simplypay.org/ru/vvod-i-vyvod-webmoney - next to the Receive (https://simplypay.org/images/3.jpg), choose Privat24 UAH. If you have any other bank in Ukraine, choose any Ukrainian bank and fill out all the details (when you select to obtain Privat24 UAH or any bank of Ukraine do not confuse them with the cash). Money for Privat come to you for 15 min, the money for any other Ukrainian banks are within 3 banking days. Immediately necessarily considered by the commission Webmoney 0.8%, it is charged for any transaction. The amount of the application you have to put already given this commission. (* example: in your purse exactly 100 WMU, you want to pull all 100 WMU, calculation 100-100 * 0,008 = 99,2 WMU, respectively 99,2 WMU you specify in the request for withdrawal). 
  4. If you are in Russia and want to cash out on the Russian card, choose from the options. All options include immediate transfer after processing the application accounting, except for variants of any Bank of the Russian Federation, in this case there is an interbank transfer, can go up to three business days. Option to display any bank of Russia is used if your bank is not on our list. 
  5. On the same page, check all data, enter the amount and press the Send button at the bottom (https://simplypay.org/images/4.png
  6. View a summary of the application and confirm (https://simplypay.org/images/6.png
  7. Throws you on Merchant WebMoney, pay application (https://simplypay.org/images/7.png / https://simplypay.org/images/8.jpg / https://simplypay.org/images/9.jpg
  8. Payment completed 
*you should consider the commission Webmoney 0.8% of the amount transferred