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Possible problems with our website:
  • Enable scripting support java-script
  • Check your plugins in the browser. If any of them is blocking the use of java-script - you need to disable this plugin or enter our site to the trusted list
  • If you are using a browser extension of Adblock or counterparts - need to bring the site to the trusted list, or temporarily disable the plugin
  • If you have Opera browser - check the version, the old version of the browser do not work
  • If you have the browser Internet Explorer - you need to change the browser on any of the popular: Google chrome, Firefox, Opera. Immediately place the official website of the latest version, all of them free of charge
  • With Windows XP it is impossible to come to our site. This operating system does not support encryption and protocol https, which runs the site. The oldest version of Windows, which can be used - it's Vista
  • If you are using anti-virus - temporarily disable it. Some antivirus default also affect the opening of the scripts sites that interferes with the normal functioning of their
  • If you use a firewall - turn it off temporarily
Possible problems with Webmoney:
  • You are not logged in to our site - please log in
  • If you are using Keeper Classic: you are not running or is not activated keeper - start or activate the WebMoney Keeper respectively.
  • If you are using Keeper Light: see this article.
  • If you do not come by sms Webmoney - turn off the phone. Then wait 10 minutes. Turn on the phone. Waiting need to reset the session. After switching on the phone, wait 5 minutes, if you do not come sms - click again to send sms
  • Perhaps your wallets freezing. To test this, try to translate 0.01 WebMoney unit on an existing, well-known to you wallet. If you fail to do so, you will be blocked. To unlock refer to arbitration WebMoney.

If it does not work, write a detailed description of your problem to us on email simplypay.org@gmail.com. We will try to help you