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For our customers, we created a flexible system of a discount. Discounts are available in two types:

  • Discount the amount of order
  • Discount system

 Let's look at each in detail.
Specials of the order amount
This kind of decrease in the percentage of discounts provided at the completion of your account or Webmoney when withdrawing money from your account webmoney, and the rate depends on the amount you want to put in webmoney or removed. The more money ->the larger the discount.
Discount system
Savings discounts are formed from the accrued Bonus One unit after each operation, withinput or output of money.
Bonus One unit can be cashed in or enter the system at rates
Entered into the system: $ 1
Withdraw from the system: $ 0.8
All courses in the bonus system time and will continue to be regulated