About repayment

On our side there is no commission, but commission system in which the transfer takes place is covered at your expense. Including the costs that we have incurred in taking your money to the account.
If you request a refund, or if you make a mistake in the application and refund procedure is needed, in any case, a refund is made within 3 business days excluding the day of the request. Banking days are not considered as Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.
Example. If you have made a request for the return of funds on Friday, the funds will be returned on Wednesday next week.
Exchanger Security the right to request any documents to verify your identity and determine the ownership account refunds

Why PrivatBank takes a commission for the transfer?

Unfortunately the software API interface Privatbank makes it impossible to determine in advance which of the customer card for payments, and one just universal card, as well as a map for the payments imposed by the Commission on the transfer of funds in its favor, we just have to put the Commission Privatbank in exchange for this direction.
However, there are advantages. When you get the money to pay for the card, we have already paid the fee removal for you. Therefore, removal of an ATM takes no commissions (according to the tariffs Privat)
At the same time, if you use a universal card, the commission for the withdrawal from an ATM you have 1%, that is, twice more than the 0.5% commission if you use a card for payment.
Total rekomeduem we move on the cards for payments. At least until PrivatBank add the necessary algorithms to determine their additional fees.

How is legally justified withdrawal?

In our exchange office, there are two department
The first section - to work with individuals. This means that any citizen of Russia or the Ukraine, which concludes on our site of their funds gets them to your bank account or card is strictly on an individual without notes to the translation, or in an extreme case with a note "Deposit card №" / "Updating Account № "
The second section - to work with legal entities. There is full cooperation between legal entities and each transfer is supported by the contract.
Any data of our customers input and output means are strictly confidential. Data can only be issued by a court or arbitration request Webmoney Transfer.

How to apply for withdrawal of Yandex money and QIWI?

  1. Go to page creation application https://simplypay.org/ru/vvod-i-vyvod-webmoney
  2. Make a request and pay
  3. If the form is receiving - non-cash, the money will come to you automatically or after processing accounting
  4. If the form is receiving - cash, then wait for our call, we will call and let you know when and where you need to go pick up the money

How to apply for withdrawal at a bank card?

  1. On our site SimplyPay.org upper right corner button Enter (https://simplypay.org/images/1.png) - click on the button, are authorized WMID (if you instead of pressing Enter, my button is displayed - so you need to drop down list select Exit by clicking on the button you exit from your account, then re-click on Login and login) 
  2. https://simplypay.org/ru/profile-main - press - Change (https://simplypay.org/images/2.png), fill out all the fields in the language that is used in your certificate - it must be either Russian, or Ukrainian. In any case you should not be mixed option when half of the data filled in Russian, the other half in Ukrainian. After filling in the data save 
  3. https://simplypay.org/ru/vvod-i-vyvod-webmoney - next to the Receive (https://simplypay.org/images/3.jpg), choose Privat24 UAH. If you have any other bank in Ukraine, choose any Ukrainian bank and fill out all the details (when you select to obtain Privat24 UAH or any bank of Ukraine do not confuse them with the cash). Money for Privat come to you for 15 min, the money for any other Ukrainian banks are within 3 banking days. Immediately necessarily considered by the commission Webmoney 0.8%, it is charged for any transaction. The amount of the application you have to put already given this commission. (* example: in your purse exactly 100 WMU, you want to pull all 100 WMU, calculation 100-100 * 0,008 = 99,2 WMU, respectively 99,2 WMU you specify in the request for withdrawal). 
  4. If you are in Russia and want to cash out on the Russian card, choose from the options. All options include immediate transfer after processing the application accounting, except for variants of any Bank of the Russian Federation, in this case there is an interbank transfer, can go up to three business days. Option to display any bank of Russia is used if your bank is not on our list. 
  5. On the same page, check all data, enter the amount and press the Send button at the bottom (https://simplypay.org/images/4.png
  6. View a summary of the application and confirm (https://simplypay.org/images/6.png
  7. Throws you on Merchant WebMoney, pay application (https://simplypay.org/images/7.png / https://simplypay.org/images/8.jpg / https://simplypay.org/images/9.jpg
  8. Payment completed 
*you should consider the commission Webmoney 0.8% of the amount transferred

Error "reporter found not step = 10, code = 6"

If an error occurs on the last stage of payment with the message: "the reporter is not found step = 10, code = 6", you should ask to arbitration Webmoney, because your WMID blocked

Is it possible to get a WebMoney passport without having to come to your office in person?

No. Issuance of initial certificates produced only in a personal meeting with the registrar.

How to make pop up or get out Webmoney ?

To do this, you need to log in to our site, fill out your details in your account (if they have not filled) and request for input or output, respectively.

What is your schedule?

Hours exchanger and its subsidiaries is published on page Contact - https://simplypay.org/ru/kontakty
Special cases of change in work schedule will be published in the News - https://simplypay.org/ru/novosti

How to quickly get money to the purse WebMoney?

If you pay cash:
- Within a couple of minutes.
When paying by Privat24:
- The output is automatically instantly. In some special cases may be forced PrivatBank request a payment manually, in this case, the delay may be 2 working days
When paying by Any Bank of Ukraine:
- The output is automatically instantly. In some special cases may be forced PrivatBank request a payment manually, in this case, the delay may be 2 working days.
Please note that bank transfers are up to 3 business days (business day - hours working day of the bank, during which payment transactions are made, dating back to that number, usually with 10 to 16 hours)
When paying by bank select Russian from the list offered by us:
- Transaction instant after the application process accounting is usually handled by the application of 5 minutes to 3 business days
When paying by Any Bank of the Russian Federation:
- Translation of the interbank market in the country is from 1 to 3 days, usually the money is credited on the next business day


Is there a minimum and maximum amounts for input and output, respectively?

As such, there is no minimum or maximum. If you want to perform an operation on a large amount of 5000 WMZ, contact the manager to reserve amounts under you

I am not registered in the system WebMoney Transfer. I want to pay the money, but you do transfer to the account of a third party

Yes, it is possible. However, there are certain limitations on such an operation. As a third party, we can fill a day worth up to $ 2,000 (or the equivalent in other currencies)
If you need more than the amount, please contact our managers

I can not get request on your site. What's the problem ?

Possible problems with our website:
  • Enable scripting support java-script
  • Check your plugins in the browser. If any of them is blocking the use of java-script - you need to disable this plugin or enter our site to the trusted list
  • If you are using a browser extension of Adblock or counterparts - need to bring the site to the trusted list, or temporarily disable the plugin
  • If you have Opera browser - check the version, the old version of the browser do not work
  • If you have the browser Internet Explorer - you need to change the browser on any of the popular: Google chrome, Firefox, Opera. Immediately place the official website of the latest version, all of them free of charge
  • With Windows XP it is impossible to come to our site. This operating system does not support encryption and protocol https, which runs the site. The oldest version of Windows, which can be used - it's Vista
  • If you are using anti-virus - temporarily disable it. Some antivirus default also affect the opening of the scripts sites that interferes with the normal functioning of their
  • If you use a firewall - turn it off temporarily
Possible problems with Webmoney:
  • You are not logged in to our site - please log in
  • If you are using Keeper Classic: you are not running or is not activated keeper - start or activate the WebMoney Keeper respectively.
  • If you are using Keeper Light: see this article.
  • If you do not come by sms Webmoney - turn off the phone. Then wait 10 minutes. Turn on the phone. Waiting need to reset the session. After switching on the phone, wait 5 minutes, if you do not come sms - click again to send sms
  • Perhaps your wallets freezing. To test this, try to translate 0.01 WebMoney unit on an existing, well-known to you wallet. If you fail to do so, you will be blocked. To unlock refer to arbitration WebMoney.

If it does not work, write a detailed description of your problem to us on email simplypay.org@gmail.com. We will try to help you

Error: These parameters do not meet the system participant WMID ***. Check your input!

A very common mistake when filling out the application. Please note the following:
  • after the first registration in Webmoney system has not passed 7 days
  • You must be at least a formal certificate, it can be obtained automatically within 5 minutes on the site WebMoney - http://passport.webmoney.ru/asp/faq2.asp?q=7
  • the data that you entered on the page, creating a request on our site are not the same that you are registered to WMID
  • you make a mistake in one of the fields for filling applications, for example in the field of date of issuance, the date of issue point format to 04/01/2000 and not in any other
  • phone number must be specified in the international format, for instance +380952437099
Any data can be corrected in your account on our website: http://simplypay.org/ru/profile-main (if access is denied, WMID'om log on our website - the upper right corner, the button Login)
If none of the cases does not apply to your problem, do not hesitate to call the operator, in any case we will try to solve your problem individually.

The limit on the conduct of operations in Webmoney

Our company can change limits on any operations of your Webmoney. Ask about this our managers