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We provide the opportunity to get your initial certificate and personal certificate in Donetsk. 
Opportunities Initial passports: 
  • significant increase of limits for all kinds of operations within the system Webmoney Transfer, especially from an anonymous certificate 
  • initial certificate holder may use the automatic reception of the titular characters in his own site, though in a rather limited mode 
  • transfer and withdrawal of money from the system Webmoney through various official services, such as cards.webmoney.ru with increased opportunities
  • access to the Budget Automation Capital Management 
  • post news in the news blog of Webmoney 
Opportunities personal certificate: 
  • implement reception titular characters on the site automatically with the help of special software interfaces Merchant WebMoney 
  • conduct activities accounts at the exchange Webmoney credits 
  • create budgetary machines and conduct professional activities related to Capitaller 
  • become an official partner to place the site in MegaStock 
  • to advise on the use of WebMoney, with advisory status system 
  • certifying conduct activities under the partnership program to issue Initial passports 
  • post news and blog Webmani MegaStock 
  • used to derive a specialized bank card Star or Plus 
  • work with trading platforms specialized service Digiseller 
  • access to the arbitration service WebMoney Transfer 

The cost of the certification check with our Registrar 

Получить персональный аттестат Донецк

List of documents required to obtain a certificate: 
  1. Before applying, check the accuracy and completeness of data in the certificate. You can check the passport desk Webmoney - http://passport.webmoney.ru/ 
  2. Original passport 
  3. Document consent to the processing of personal data
  4. Quality photocopies of all pages of the passport filled in duplicate 
  5. Printed, but not completed version of the statement (here: http://passport.webmoney.ru/asp/getApp.asp?cmd=getApplication) in duplicate 
  6. File for your documents
Obtaining the certificate is carried out only in the Donetsk and only in a personal meeting with the Registrar in the agreed time