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On the Internet there are a variety of electronic payment systems. Most of the issues of payment systems are easy to use and easy registration. Each payment system is trying to achieve, to use it as much as possible clients, winning the last various services and capabilities to instantly pay in a particular online store or already pay for the service online. 
The important role played by the input and output of money. Naturally, the cheaper cost to the client using bills, the more interesting to conduct financial transactions through it. A majority in their payment systems try to minimize it refill, and now for the withdrawal will have to pay a small percentage. Usually the input and output interest range from 1% to 5%. 
In the development of payment systems is of great importance the development of financial instruments to work with them. The more online stores of all kinds of enterprises to connect to them, the higher the turnover obtained by the system, respectively, and revenue increases. 
Our exchanger produces the input and output of the following payment systems: 
  • Webmoney 
  • Yandex Money 
  • QIWI 
Each payment system has its positive and negative aspects which one to use, choose you, dear customers.