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Our exchange office is required for permanent employment following specialists:
Format of work: telework, free schedule
Payment: in the interview
Trial period: in the format of the test execution tasks discussed individually
  1. Proper presentation of his thoughts on the Russian, Ukrainian and English languages
  2. A clear understanding of the functioning of the banking system of Ukraine and the Russian Federation
  3. Experience with payment systems Webmoney, Yandex money and QIWI
  4. Experience with rewriting, content
  5. Basic knowledge of SEO, understanding the uniqueness of the articles by the search engines
Format of work: telework on our server via Radmin, a full day off - Sunday
Payment: in the interview
Trial period: not available
  1. Experience with Drupal
  2. Experience with PHP
  3. Skills layout site
  4. Experience with financial tools and API payment systems Webmoney, Yandex Money, QIWI
  5. Experience with API banks such Privat24
If you are completely suitable for one of our vacancies, please send a detailed resume to email us simplypay.org@gmail.com marked "Work for you" (summary must necessarily include a determination of the desired payment of your labor). In case you do for us, we will contact the contact number, which will be listed in your resume. Somehow accelerate the process of reviewing candidates impossible.